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Table 3 Mean costs resource use and quality of end of life effects last month of life for control and intervention LTCFs on baseline and post intervention (unadjusted)

From: Decreased costs and retained QoL due to the ‘PACE Steps to Success’ intervention in LTCFs: cost-effectiveness analysis of a randomized controlled trial

  Baseline (T0) Post-intervention (T1 + T2)
Control (n = 272) Intervention (n = 279) Control (n = 558) Intervention (n = 425)
Mean costs resource use €1,361.89 €1,667.87 €1,962.64 €1,410.35
EQ-5D-5L (range 0–1) 0.159a 0.210a 0.196a 0.186a
0.155b 0.130b 0.160b 0.160b
QOD-LTC (range 11–55) 38.24 37.84 38.34 40.96
  1. aStaff member (nurse or care assistant) most involved
  2. bRelative