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Table 2 Summary of antigens in multiplex Luminex panel

From: Antibody responses to a suite of novel serological markers for malaria surveillance demonstrate strong correlation with clinical and parasitological infection across seasons and transmission settings in The Gambia

Gene ID Antigen name Strain Antigen bead coupling concentration (μg/mL) Purification tag Location Description Reference
PF3D7_0930300 PfMSP119 Wellcome 42.31 GST Merozoite surface 19 kDa fragment of MSP1 molecule [14]
PF3D7_1133400 PfAMA1 FVO 3.90 Hisx6 Sporozoite/merozoite Apical membrane antigen 1 [15]
PF3D7_1035300 PfGLURP.R2 F32 9.22 N/A Merozoite Glutamate-rich protein R2 [16]
PF3D7_0731500 EBA175 RIII-V 3D7 408.32 GST Merozoite Erythrocyte-binding antigen-175 Region III-V [17]
PF3D7_1335400 Rh2.2030 D10 244.30 GST Merozoite Reticulocyte binding protein homologue 2 [18]
PF3D7_0532100 Etramp5.Ag1 3D7 34.93 GST iRBC/PVM Early transcribed membrane protein 5 [19]
PF3D7_0402400 GEXP18 3D7 625.00 GST Gametocytes Gametocyte exported protein 18 [11]
PF3D7_0501100.1 HSP40.Ag1 3D7 42.54 GST iRBC/gametocytes Heat shock protein 40, type II [11]
GST 85.99 GST expression tag  
TT 61.52 Tetanus toxoid  
  1. iRBC infected red blood cell, PVM parasitophorous vacuole membrane, GST glutathione S-transferase