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Table 3 Association between frailty and severe disease

From: The association between frailty and severe disease among COVID-19 patients aged over 60 years in China: a prospective cohort study

Frailty status Minimal adjusted model* Adjusted model#
Hazard ratio (95% confidence interval)
Non-frail Ref. Ref.
Pre-frail 4.86 (1.61–14.71) 5.01 (1.16–12.61)
Frail 10.54 (3.57–31.11) 7.47 (1.73–32.34)
  1. *A minimally adjusted model with age and sex only
  2. #Adjusted by age, sex, body mass index, haemoglobin, white blood count, lymphocyte count, albumin, CD8+ count, D-dimer, and CRP