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Table 3 Sensitivity analyses to account for informative censoring in time to FoR event. Definite and Probable included as events and Possible, Unlikely and Highly Unlikely considered censoring events

From: Investigation of the efficacy of the short regimen for rifampicin-resistant TB from the STREAM trial

  Hazard ratio with 95% CI
Unadjusted, assuming independent censoring 2.19 (0.90, 5.35)
Adjusted for baseline covariates, assuming independent censoring 2.14 (0.87, 5.26)
Adjusted, using IPCW with time varying covariates 2.41 (0.92, 6.29)
Adjusted, using IPCW with no time varying covariates 1.96 (0.75, 5.14)