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Fig. 2

From: Does paracetamol improve quality of life, discomfort, pain and neuropsychiatric symptoms in persons with advanced dementia living in long-term care facilities? A randomised double-blind placebo-controlled crossover (Q-PID) trial

Fig. 2

Mean QUALIDEM domain scores and mean QUALIDEM-6D total scores in the two treatment groups during the Q-PID study

QUALIDEM, questionnaire to measure QoL in persons with dementia, range 0 (worst QoL) to 100 (best QoL); QUALIDEM-6D, 6-domain total score of the QUALIDEM questionnaire, range 0 (worst overall QoL) to 100 (best overall QoL); paracetamol-placebo, baseline to 6 weeks paracetamol, 7 to 13 weeks placebo; placebo-paracetamol, baseline to 6 weeks placebo, 7 to 13 weeks paracetamol

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