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Table 1 Thirteen types of NPIs from OxCGRT, their general categorisations, and the coding schema used in our analysis to quantify their intensity

From: The impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions on SARS-CoV-2 transmission across 130 countries and territories

NPI groups Specific NPIs Coding schema
Internal containment and closure School closure; workplace closure; cancellation of public events; limits on gathering sizes; closure of public transport; stay-at-home requirement; internal movement restriction Any effort scenario:
NPIs are binary variables, considered “present” as long as any (non-zero) effort is made.
Maximum effort scenario:
NPIs are binary variables, considered “present” only if the maximum effort is made.
For example, an intervention X has levels 0–3. A record at level 2 is converted to 1 under any effort and 0 under maximum effort scenarios.
International travel restrictions International movement restriction
Economic policies Income support; debt/contract relief for households
Health systems policies Public information campaign; testing policy; contact tracing