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Table 2 Association between rs1990622 variant T allele and AD

From: rs1990622 variant associates with Alzheimer’s disease and regulates TMEM106B expression in human brain tissues

Dataset Disease Beta SE P value
IGAP AD 0.040 0.014 5.42E−03
UK Biobank AD 0.025 0.010 1.20E−02
UK Biobank AD in females 0.043 0.012 5.74E−04
UK Biobank AD in males 0.008 0.017 6.48E01
  1. SE standard error. Beta is the regression coefficient based on the effect allele. Beta > 0 and beta < 0 mean that this effect allele could increase and reduce AD risk, respectively. The statistically significant association is defined to be P < 0.05