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Fig. 2

From: C-reactive protein as a potential biomarker for disease progression in dengue: a multi-country observational study

Fig. 2

Summary of CRP levels by day of illness at enrollment and follow-up

The upper and lower edges of each box represent the interquartile range (25th–75th percentile) while the middle line is corresponding to the median. The points are the actual CRP values and colored by clinical diagnosis of bacterial infection (in red), viral infection (in blue), and dengue only infection (for patients with dengue infection) or other condition (for patients in the OFI group) (in gray). Among patients in the OFI group, 131 were clinically bacterial infection, 139 were clinically viral infection, and 124 were other conditions. The day of illness at enrollment is 1, 2, or 3, and FU is the follow-up period. The y-axis is transformed using base-2 logarithm. CRP, C-reactive protein; FU, follow-up; OFI, other febrile illnesses

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