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Fig. 5

From: Remission of autoimmune diabetes by anti-TCR combination therapies with anti-IL-17A or/and anti-IL-6 in the IDDM rat model of type 1 diabetes

Fig. 5

Cytokine pattern in serum of IDDM rats after successful anti-TCR combination therapies. Changes in protein concentrations of cytokines measured by multiplex analysis were examined after successful anti-TCR combination therapy with anti-IL-6 or anti-IL-17A alone or in triple combination after diabetes manifestation a TNF-α, b IL-1β, c IFN-γ, d IL-2, e IL-4, f IL-10, g IL-6 and h IL-17A. Results after anti-TCR combination therapy with anti-IL-6, with anti-IL-17A and in the triple fashion were compared to those from healthy controls and untreated, acutely diabetic rats. Cytokine protein concentrations (pg/ml) are expressed as mean values ± SEM; a–h the dotted lines show changes in the pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines compared to the normoglycaemic situation in healthy control rats. *p < 0.05 by ANOVA followed by Dunnett’s test versus untreated, diabetic controls **p < 0.01 versus untreated, diabetic controls. Number of animals as given in Fig. 1

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