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Table 1 The use cases included in the present analysis

From: Quantifying the potential value of antigen-detection rapid diagnostic tests for COVID-19: a modelling analysis

Use case scenario Description Assumed prevalence (%) Purpose of testing
Hospital setting Testing amongst all patients being hospitalised with respiratory symptoms 25 To identify patients with COVID-19 who should be housed in isolation wards (reducing infection risk in hospital)
Amongst admissions with severe symptoms, to identify those with COVID-19 who might benefit from anti-inflammatory treatment (to reduce deaths)
Community setting Decentralised, community-level facility available to all individuals with symptoms who want to be tested for COVID-19 5 To identify COVID-19 amongst people with mild COVID-consistent symptoms. Positive test results would trigger isolation and contact tracing, to minimise opportunities for transmission.
  1. We performed sensitivity analysis on the assumed prevalence, varying the hospital setting prevalence between 10 and 30% and community setting prevalence between 1 and 10%. Results are presented Additional file 7: Fig.S4