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Table 2 Genome-wide significant loci by cross-trait meta-analysis at sentinel SNPs associated with BF% and HF (Pmeta < 5 × 10− 8; single trait P < 0.05)

From: Shared genetic etiology and causality between body fat percentage and cardiovascular diseases: a large-scale genome-wide cross-trait analysis

SNP CHR Position Ref. allele Alt. allele PBF% PHF PMETA Variant annotation Genes within clumping region
rs9937053 16 53799507 G A 9.858E−26 2.992E−08 1.09E−18 Intron AKTIP,CHD9,FTO,FTO-IT1,LOC643802,LOC102723373,RBL2,RPGRIP1L
rs1652348 18 21147509 C T 0.0006127 2.477E−06 3.35E−08 Intron ANKRD29,C18orf8,CABLES1,LAMA3,LOC102724246,NPC1,RIOK3,TMEM241.TTC39C
rs7234864 18 57734857 C T 6.827E−07 1.804E−05 8.159E−09 Regulatory region CCBE1,MC4R,PMAIP1
rs10938397 4 45182527 A G 1.359E−07 2.948E−06 4.36E−10 Intergenic GNPDA2,GUF1
rs10455872 6 161010118 A G 0.02079 1.892E−11 3.879E−09 Intron IGF2R,LOC729603,LPA,LPAL2,MAP 3 K4,PLG,SLC22A1,SLC22A2,SLC22A3
  1. SNP single-nucleotide polymorphism, CHR chromosome