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Table 3 Genome-wide significant loci by cross-trait meta-analysis at sentinel SNPs associated with BF% and CAD (Pmeta < 5 × 10− 8; single trait P < 0.05)

From: Shared genetic etiology and causality between body fat percentage and cardiovascular diseases: a large-scale genome-wide cross-trait analysis

SNP CHR Position Ref. allele Alt. allele PBF% PCAD PMETA Variant annotation Genes within clumping region
rs2590942 1 72885281 T G 4.98E−07 1.73E−03 6.166E−09 Intergenic NEGR1
rs4970926 1 150673684 T C 1.43E−03 3.99E−05 4.269E−08 Intron ADAMTSL4,ANP32E,ANXA9,APH1A,ARNT,BNIPL,C1orf51,C1orf54,C1orf56,CA14,CDC42SE1,CTSK,CTSS,ECM1,ENSA,FAM63A,GOLPH3L,HORMAD1,KIAA0460,LASS2,LYSMD1,MCL1,MLLT11,MRPS21,PIP5K1A,PRPF3,PRUNE,RP11-68I18.1,SCNM1,SEMA6C,SETDB1,TARS2,TMOD4,TNFAIP8L2,VPS72
rs2133189 1 222814442 C T 1.99E−02 2.42E−12 7.714E−09 Intron AIDA,C1orf58,DISP1,FAM177B,HHIPL2,MIA3,TAF1A,TLR5
rs13396935 2 653195 G A 1.42E−09 6.43E−04 2.493E−11 Regulatory Region ACP1,FAM150B,LOC391343,SH3YL1,SNTG2,TMEM18
rs6435169 2 203753016 G A 4.61E−02 7.54E−18 7.068E−10 Intron ABI2,ALS2CR8,ALS2CR13,BMPR2,CYP20A1,ICA1L,NBEAL1,WDR12
rs10938397 4 45182527 A G 1.36E−07 1.06E−03 1.176E−09 Intergenic GNPDA2,GUF1
rs10455872 6 161010118 A G 2.08E−02 5.73E−39 3.141E−28 Intron IGF2R,LPA,LPAL2,MAP 3K4,PLG,SLC22A1,SLC22A2,SLC22A3
rs11226029 11 103693627 G A 3.54E−02 1.14E−09 2.967E−11 Intron DDI1,DYNC2H1,PDGFD
rs4842662 12 89933446 T C 3.00E−05 7.13E−07 1.861E−11 Intron ATP2B1,DUSP6,GALNT4,WDR51B
rs9532984 13 42634693 G A,C,T 1.93E−02 1.62E−06 1.802E−08 Intron AKAP11,DGKH,KIAA0564
rs3752958 14 100182687 C A T 2.52E−02 7.98E−07 1.42E−08 Intron BCL11B,CCNK,CYP46A1,DEGS2,EML1,EVL,HHIPL1,SETD3
rs1894400 15 91428955 C T 1.95E−02 1.54E−07 1.118E−09 Intron BLM,CRTC3,FES,FURIN,HDDC3,IQGAP1,MAN2A2,PRC1,RCCD1,SV2B,UNC45A,VPS33B
rs8050136 16 53816275 C A 1.36E−25 4.65E−03 4.023E−19 Intron AKTIP,CHD9,FTO,RBL2,RPGRIP1L
rs9906944 17 47091420 C G,T 2.86E−08 1.17E−05 1.935E−12 Intron ABI3,ATP5G1,B4GALNT2,C17orf92,CALCOCO2,GIP,GNGT2,HOXB1,HOXB2,HOXB3,HOXB4,HOXB5,HOXB6,HOXB7,HOXB8,HOXB9,HOXB13,IGF2BP1,NGFR,PHB,PHOSPHO1,SNF8,TTLL6,UBE2Z,ZNF652
rs4456565 17 58921974 T C 4.22E−02 6.63E−07 3.104E−08 Intron APPBP2,BCAS3,C17orf64,LOC729617,PPM1D,USP32
rs663129 18 57838401 G A 1.47E−10 3.20E−08 3.097E−18 Intergenic CCBE1,MC4R,PMAIP1
  1. SNP single-nucleotide polymorphism, CHR chromosome.