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Table 3 Annual under-five deaths averted [+ positive sign] or lives lost [− negative sign] per 1000 live births at the national level if the coverage/prevalence of each factor had remained unchanged between 1993 to 2014. They have been classified into < 1.0 (yellow), 1–2 (light green), 2–3 (dark green), 3–5 (light blue) and > 5 (dark blue). Red shows non-significant changes. Total counts and the average lives saved or lives lost for 1993–2000 [A], 2006–2014 [B] and 1993–2014 [C] are also presented

From: The impact of child health interventions and risk factors on child survival in Kenya, 1993–2014: a Bayesian spatio-temporal analysis with counterfactual scenarios