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Table 1 Information on outcome data sources

From: Homocysteine, B vitamins, and cardiovascular disease: a Mendelian randomization study

Data source Cardiovascular disease Population Cases Controls Covariates adjusted in GWAS
Consortium (Nielsen et al.) Atrial fibrillation European 60,620 970,216 Birth year, sex, genotype batch, and one to four principal components
CARDIoGRAMplusC4D+UKBB Coronary artery disease Mixed 122,733 424,528 Not reported
HERMES consortium Heart failure European 47,309 930,014 Age and sex, and principal components in individual studies where applicable
MEGASTROKE consortium Stroke   40,585 406,111 Age and sex
Ischemic stroke   34,217 NA
ISGC Intracerebral hemorrhage European 3223 3725 Age, sex, and principal components
Consortium (Bakker et al.) Subarachnoid hemorrhage European 7495 71,934 Not reported
The UK Biobank study (UKBB) Aortic aneurysm European 2261 365,300 Age, sex, and ten genetic principal components
Aortic valve stenosis 3528 364,033
Stroke 12,036 355,525
Intracerebral hemorrhage 1504 366,057
Ischemic stroke 6566 360,995
Transient ischemic attack 4813 362,748
Venous thromboembolism 16,412 351,149
Peripheral vessel disease 4593 362,968
The FinnGen consortium Aortic aneurysm European 1919 167,843 Age, sex, the first ten genetic principal components, and genotyping batch
Atrial fibrillation 17,325 97,214
Coronary artery disease 16,631 160,268
Heart failure 9576 159,286
Stroke 14,171 133,027
Intracerebral hemorrhage 1224 163,533
Subarachnoid hemorrhage 1019 163,508
Ischemic stroke 8046 164,286
Transient ischemic attack 6729 164,286
Venous thromboembolism 6913 169,986
Peripheral vessel disease 5323 167,843
  1. CARDIoGRAMplusC4D Coronary ARtery DIsease Genome wide Replication and Meta-analysis plus The Coronary Artery Disease Genetics, GWAS genome-wide association study, HERMES Heart Failure Molecular Epidemiology for Therapeutic Targets, ISGC International Stroke Genetic Consortium, NA not available. The UK Biobank was included in Consortium (Nielsen et al.), HERMES consortium, ISGC, and Consortium (Bakker et al.)