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Table 4 Modules included in the online training

From: The East African Community (EAC) mobile laboratory networks in Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and South Sudan—from project implementation to outbreak response against Dengue, Ebola, COVID-19, and epidemic-prone diseases

No. Module title
1. Infectious disease pathogens – general virus biology
Pathogènes infectieux – Biologie générale des virus et d’Ebola
2. Diagnostics – DNA/RNA
Diagnostic – ADN et ARN
3. Diagnostics – PCR/RT-PCR
Diagnostic – PCR et RT-PCR
4. Laboratory biosafety
5. Laboratory biosafety: Donning and Doffing
'équipement de protection individuelle’ (EPI)
6. Introduction to biosecurity
7. International health regulations 2005
8. Dual-use
9. Packaging and shipping
10 Public health surveillance
11. Risk assessment
12. Disaster response and rapid health assessment
13. Virus biology and SARS
14. Antimicrobial resistance Pt. 1 & Pt. 2
15. Good clinical practice E6 (R2)
16. Introduction to Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP)
17. GCLP: organisation and personnel
  1. The online training was provided by GO4BSB, which is a project of the German Biosecurity Programme and a collaborative initiative by BNITM, Bundeswehr Institute for Microbiology (IMB), Friedrich Loeffler Institute (FLI) and Robert Koch Institute (RKI). GO4BSB is coordinated and hosted by BNITM. Modules 1–5 have been originally developed for the EBOLearn curriculum. These modules are available in English and French. Modules 6–13 have been originally developed for the German Federal Foreign Office funded Global Partnership Initiated Biosecurity Academia for Controlling Health Threats (GIBACHT) fellowship programme ( The online training was further supplemented with links to the open access online modules on antimicrobial resistance provided by the Global Health Learning Center ( and the modules on Good Clinical Practice provided by the Global Health Network’s Training Centre (