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Table 1 Characteristics of the suspected SARS-CoV-2 reinfection cases

From: Persistence and baseline determinants of seropositivity and reinfection rates in health care workers up to 12.5 months after COVID-19

Socio demographics First COVID-19 episode Second COVID-19 episode Serology
Symptomsa PCR Symptoms PCR
Female, 29-year-old nurse March 15–May 14 Positive: April 2
Negative: April 22
October 13–December 23 Positive: October 13 Seronegative September/Seroconverted October
Female, 41-year-old physician March 24–May 25 Positive: March 27
Negative: April 21, May 4
August 2020–Jan 2021 Positive: August 25, September 8
Negative: October 9
Seronegative May & August/Seroconverted September
Female, 58-year-old administrative March 23–March 25 Positive: March 23
Negative: April 6
May 20–May 22 Positive: May 21, June 4, 11, 18
Negative: June 25
Unknown April/Seropositive November
Female, 44-year-old physician March 23–April 3 Positive: March 25
Negative: April 4
None Positiveb: November 19 Seropositivec September
  1. aDate of start and end of the first and last symptoms. All dates are 2020 unless otherwise indicated
  2. bPCR was done prior to an unrelated surgical procedure and not as part of any routine COVID-19 screening, the participant had no symptoms
  3. cLow-level antibody responses above the seropositivity threshold