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Table 2 Categories of outcomes measured in the included studies

From: Development of a model of medication review for use in clinical practice: Bristol medication review model

Category of outcome Outcome No. of studies reporting outcome No. of studies showing improvement in outcome References to studies showing improvement (Additional file 1: Appendix 3)
Service use Unplanned hospital admissions 15 0b A7b
Patient experience Quality of lifea 15 1 A12
Number of medications 13 7 A3, A8, A11, A12, A24, A25, A27
Medication adherence 9 3 A3, A10, A13
Safety Drug-related problems 11 4 A10, A17, A22, A23
Cognitive function 4 1 A22
Number of falls 4 1 A26
Mortality Mortality 8 0
Cost Medication cost reduction 6 3 A8, A24, A27
Efficacy Efficacy 2 1 A25
  1. aPart of the core outcome set for polypharmacy medication review (Beuscart et al. [21])
  2. bSingle study showed an increase in admissions