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Table 2 Causal estimates of atrial fibrillation on ischemic stroke

From: Causal effects of atrial fibrillation on brain white and gray matter volume: a Mendelian randomization study

Genetically predicted exposure Outcome phenotype MR-Egger intercept P value Cochran’s Q statistic P value for heterogeneity MR method Beta Standard error P value
Atrial fibrillation (16 SNPs) Ischemic stroke 0.028 0.068 IVW 0.188 0.026 1.03E−12
MR-Egger (bootstrap) 0.251 0.047 < 0.001
Weighted median 0.240 0.030 4.83E−16
MR-RAPS 0.201 0.025 5.57E−16
  1. MR Mendelian randomization, IVW inverse variance–weighted, RAPS robust adjusted profile score, PRESSO pleiotropy residual sum and outlier, SNP single-nucleotide polymorphism
  2. MR-PRESSO analysis was performed, but as the MR-PRESSO global test for heterogeneity did not identify correctable effects of outliers, the causal estimates were the same as those of the inverse variance–weighted method
  3. The units of the causal estimates were log odds ratio for the cause (atrial fibrillation) and log odds ratio for the effect (stroke)