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Table 1 Mediterranean diet adherence score (MDS) by dietary components and biomarkers

From: Adherence to the Mediterranean diet assessed by a novel dietary biomarker score and mortality in older adults: the InCHIANTI cohort study

Score MDS Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient
Dietary components (FFQ) Dietary biomarkers (dBMK)
Tertiles (0,1,2) Vegetables
Fruits and nuts
Total polyphenols
Linolenic acid
0.170 (P<0.001)
Tertiles (0,1,2) Fish EPA+DHA 0.177 (P<0.001)
Tertiles (0,1,2) MUFA/SFA MUFA/SFA 0.229 (P<0.001)
Tertiles (0,2,0) Alcohol Resveratrol 0.668 (P<0.001)
Tertiles (2,1,0) Meat SFA 0.109 (P=0.005)
Tertiles (2,1,0) Dairy products Vitamin B12 0.135 (P=0.001)
Total score (0–18) All dietary components All biomarkers 0.263 (P<0.001)
  1. MDS Mediterranean diet adherence score, FFQ food-frequency questionnaire, EPA eicosapentaenoic acid, DHA docosahexaenoic acid, MUFA monounsaturated fatty acids, SFA saturated fatty acid