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Table 2 Identified genetic variants associated with HIV-1 reservoir features

From: IRF7 and RNH1 are modifying factors of HIV-1 reservoirs: a genome-wide association analysis

SNP Chr Pos. Allele Candidate genes Variant type Replication Index SNP Trait P value Beta
rs2613996A 11 470331 A PTDSS2B, C Regulatory region variant, intronic variant McLaren et al, 2013 rs2613996 CA HIV-1 DNA 9.72 × 10-10 0.18
rs7113204 RNA:DNA ratio 2.19 × 10-7 − 0.284
rs7113204 11 500248 G RNH1B, PTDSS2C, IRF7C Intronic variant rs7113204 RNA:DNA ratio 1.72 × 10–7 − 0.199
rs12366210 11 650994 G DEAF1B Intronic variant rs7113204 RNA:DNA ratio 3.26 × 10−7 − 0.165
rs7817589 8 82154232 C RP11-1149 M10.2, PAG1D Upstream gene variant rs7817589 RNA:DNA ratio 2.17 × 10−7 0.252
  1. A rs2613996 is the top QTL SNP to CA HIV-1 DNA and also an independent QTL SNP to the RNA:DNA ratio. Also, the SNP is located on the second intron of PTDSS2
  2. B The gene where the SNP is located
  3. C Genes that are identified as AIDS-related by hands (e.g., from literature)
  4. D Co-regulated with lncRNA gene RP11-1149 M10.2