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Table 2 Generic REMARK profile

From: Structured reporting to improve transparency of analyses in prognostic marker studies

Part a: Patients, treatments, and variables
Study and marker Remarks
  Marker M = main predictor
  Further variables v1, v2, v3, etc.
Patients n Remarks
  Assessed for eligibility   Disease
   Patient source
  Excluded   Numbers and reasons for exclusions
  Included   Inclusion criteria
  Outcome(s) and number of events   Overall, perhaps also in subgroups
Part b: Statistical analyses
Analysis Patients Events Variables considered Results/remarks
  IDA: initial data analysis n m V1, V2, ... For example, description of patient characteristics, data screening, handling of missing data
  A1: univariable analysis of M    M Page in manuscript, table, or figure
  A2: model 1 or subgroup or sensitivity analysis     
  C1: model evaluation or diagnostics, check of assumptions     
  A3: model 2     
  P1: presentation of function