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Table 1 Shared risk loci between FTD and psychiatric disorders

From: Shared genetic links between frontotemporal dementia and psychiatric disorders

Index SNP Genomic position Closest gene FDR value Associated phenotype
rs10863728 1:209056568 LINC01717; LINC01774 5.97E-03 ASD
rs10889502 1:65379982 JAK1 4.64E-03 AUD
rs9812061 3:85013262 CADM2 7.38E-03 AUD
rs3132451 6:31582025 AIF1 6.99E-03 SCZ
rs3130291 6:32175331 NOTCH4 5.38E-03 SCZ
rs3117097 6:32358689 HCG23;TSBP1-AS1 3.43E-05 PTSD, SCZ
rs3129953 6:32361821 BTNL2 1.25E-04 PTSD, SCZ
rs7746751 6:32430867 HLA-DRA;HLA-DRB5 9.91E-06 SCZ
rs60045856 6:32799845 TAP2 9.82E-03 SCZ
rs215034 16:15996556 FOPNL;ABCC1 3.10E-03 AUD
rs34104358 17:43508616 ARHGAP27 1.65E-03 ASD,AUD
rs56314414 17:43536970 PLEKHM1 1.52E-03 ASD,AUD
rs62057112 17:43897202 CRHR1; LINC02210-CRHR1 8.50E-04 ASD,AUD
rs62054815 17:43923266 SPPL2C 9.27E-04 ASD,AUD
rs34097347 17:43949448 MAPT-AS1 8.66E-04 ASD,AUD,SCZ
rs62063281 17:44038785 MAPT 8.61E-04 ASD,AUD,SCZ
rs62063675 17:44126575 KANSL1 1.10E-03 ASD,AUD,SCZ
rs199531 17:44830414 NSF 2.18E-03 ASD,AUD,SCZ
rs199526 17:44847707 WNT3 1.40E-03 ASD,AUD
rs1406857 20:37362432 SLC32A1;ACTR5 4.21E-03 SCZ
  1. SNP single nucleotide polymorphism, FDR false discovery rate, SCZ schizophrenia, ASD autism spectrum disorder, AUD alcohol use disorder, PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder. Index SNP was the one with lowest FDR value. Index SNP was the SNP with the lowest FDR value in each locus. The genomic position was on GRCh37. Closest gene was annotated from ANNOVAR