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Table 2 Validation of schizophrenia risk genes using independent integrative analysis method (SMR)

From: Comprehensive and integrative analyses identify TYW5 as a schizophrenia risk gene

Gene symbol CHR Top SNP PGWAS PeQTLa PSMRb Corrected PSMR
TYW5 2 rs203772 1.83E-08 2.74E-10 1.90E-08 <0.05
CYP21A1P 6 rs2854275 2.26E-08 1.13E-10 2.60E-08 <0.05
C4A 6 rs1150752 4.05E-08 1.94E-17 4.55E-08 <0.05
BAG6 6 rs707939 4.57E-08 4.70E-13 4.72E-08 <0.05
PCDHA10 5 rs2240694 7.30E-14 3.05E-10 8.32E-14 <0.05
ITIH4 3 rs6445539 6.21E-09 1.17E-09 6.59E-09 <0.05
DNM1P51 15 rs12911210 9.24E-13 4.46E-13 1.07E-12 <0.05
BTN3A2 6 rs1977 3.34E-14 5.30E-10 4.31E-14 <0.05
FTCDNL1 2 rs13008446 8.04E-19 6.68E-01 1.07E-18 <0.05
MAPK3 16 rs2005219 1.20E-09 9.61E-05 1.29E-09 <0.05
PCDHA9 5 rs155799 1.90E-10 1.40E-04 2.06E-10 <0.05
  1. a,bSMR integrative analysis was performed using schizophrenia GWAS from the PGC and brain eQTL from GTEx