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Table 2 Overview of diet-microbiome associations in the present study

From: Gut microbiota signatures of long-term and short-term plant-based dietary pattern and cardiometabolic health: a prospective cohort study

Findings in the present study   Previous studies  
Genus Dietary factorsa Associations with diet and health References
[Eubacterium] ruminantium group Long-term animal oil intake ( −) SCFA-producing bacteria; decrease with an increasing protein/fat in diet; negative association with IL-2 and C-reactive protein [48]
[Eubacterium] xylanophilum group Long-term uPDI ( −) SCFA-producing bacteria; inverse association with liver total triglycerides; lower in women who developed gestational diabetes [48,49,50]
Blautia Short-term hPDI ( +) SCFA-producing bacteria; increased after high-fiber diet; linked with healthier eating behavior; negative association with visceral fat, Hb1Ac and inflammation [41, 44, 45]
Catenisphaera Short-term PDI ( −) Increase with high-fat diet; decrease with flavonoids intake; enriched in acute coronary syndrome patients; potentially contribute to the inflammation; associated with host lipid metabolism [51,52,53]
Dorea Short-term hPDI ( −) SCFA-producing bacteria; correlated with vegetal protein; higher in patients with irritable bowel syndrome [54, 55]
Enterococcaceae spp. Long-term nuts intake ( −) No related information found  
Exiguobacterium Long-term uPDI ( +)
Long-term legumes ( −)
Involved in the starch hydrolysis [56]
F0332 Long-term uPDI ( +) Enriched in children with dental caries; increased abundance in bacterial infection and asthma [57,58,59]
Paraeggerthella Long-term animal oil intake ( −) Involved in ellagic acid metabolism and help produce anti-inflammatory metabolite isolecithine-A [60, 61]
Peptostreptococcus Long-term PDI ( −) Involved in tryptophan metabolism; linked with inflammation  
Polynucleobacter Short-term hPDI ( +)
Short-term uPDI ( −)
SCFA-producing bacteria; potentially make up for disorders in glycogenolysis; enriched in healthy athletes [43, 46, 47]
Ruminococcaceae UCG − 009 Short-term hPDI ( +) SCFA-producing bacteria; involved in amino acid metabolism  
Terrisporobacter Long-term refined grains intake ( +) Opportunistic pathogen; could degrade carbon sources (e.g., glucose, cellobiose, and xylose) [62, 63]
ZOR0006 Short-term uPDI ( +) Enriched in the fish fed in the paddy field [64]
  1. a( +) positive association; ( −) inverse association