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Table 1 The discovery lacunar stroke PWAS identified 7 significant genes, of which 5 were found in the confirmation PWAS, and all 4 replicated

From: Identification of novel proteins for lacunar stroke by integrating genome-wide association data and human brain proteomes

    Discovery PWAS Confirmation PWAS Evidence for replication
  Gene Chromosome PWAS z-score PWAS P PWAS FDR P PWAS z-score PWAS P
1 CAND2 3 −4.281 1.86E−05 1.36E−02 −4.334 1.46E−05 Yes
2 ICA1L 2 −5.136 2.81E−07 4.11E−04 −4.213 2.52E−05 Yes
3 ALDH2 12 3.871 1.09E−04 3.98E−02 3.567 3.61E−04 Yes
4 MADD 11 3.770 1.63E−04 3.98E−02 2.917 3.53E−03 Yes
5 MRVI1 11 −3.776 1.60E−04 3.98E−02 −1.680 9.30E−02 -
6 CSPG4a 15 3.696 2.19E−04 4.58E−02 - -  
7 PTPN11a 12 −3.884 1.03E−04 3.98E−02 - -  
  1. This table gives the z-scores for the lacunar stroke PWAS associations with their corresponding P values and FDR-adjusted P values for all significant genes in the lacunar stroke discovery PWAS. Confirmation lacunar stroke PWAS z-scores and their corresponding unadjusted P values are provided for the significant genes in the discovery lacunar stroke PWAS
  2. aProtein not profiled in the confirmation proteomic dataset