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Table 5 Inverse probability weighting-adjusted Cox regression between cBR+SD/PD and non-cBR+SD/PD subgroups in locally advanced nasopharynx of head and neck cancer

From: Improving on-treatment risk stratification of cancer patients with refined response classification and integration of circulating tumor DNA kinetics

Covariates Subgroup DFS OS DMFS LRFS
HR 95%CI P HR 95%CI P HR 95%CI P HR 95%CI P
Response Phenotypesa G5: cBR+SD/PD (References) 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00
G6: non-cBR+SD/PD 2.48 1.37-4.50 <0.01 2.59 1.29-5.20 <0.01 5.81 2.09-16.18 <0.01 1.32 0.57-3.07 0.52
  1. Abbreviations: cBR Complete biological response, cfEBV DNA Cell-free Epstein-Barr virus DNA, CI Confidence interval, DFS Disease-free survival, DMFS Distant metastasis-free survival, HR Hazard ratio, LRFS Locoregional relapse-free survival, MRI Magnetic resonance imaging, NAC Neoadjuvant chemotherapy, non-cBR Non-complete biological response, OS Overall survival, PD Progression disease, SD Stable disease
  2. aThe following variables were adjusted via IPW algorithm: age (<45 vs. ≥45 years), sex (male vs. female), smoking (No vs. Yes), alcohol (No vs. Yes), pretreatment EBV DNA (<2 vs. ≥2 × 103 copies/mL), T stage (T1-2 vs. T3-4), N stage (N0-1 vs. N2-3), IC regimens (TPF vs. GP vs. TP vs. PF vs. others), IC cycles (2 cycles vs. 3 cycles vs. 4 cycles), CCD (<160 vs. ≥160 mg/m2). Two-sided P-values were calculated using the chi-square test