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Table 2 Benefits to older people from engaging with cultural offers as part of social prescribing (see Additional file 2 for supporting data)

From: Tailoring cultural offers to meet the needs of older people during uncertain times: a rapid realist review

  • CMOC11: When an older person finds the cultural offer stimulating (C), they experience an escape from their problems (O) because they enjoy and are absorbed by the activity (M).
  • CMCO12: When the cultural offer engages older people’s senses (C), their enjoyment increases (O) because their mind is elsewhere (M).
  • CMOC13: When the cultural environment is older people friendly (C) they enjoy attending (O) because they feel safe and at ease (M).
  • CMOC14: When the cultural offer is delivered professionally and consistently (C), older people feel reassured (O) because they know what to expect (M).
  • CMOC15: When the cultural offer provides a social component (C), older people feel less lonely (O) because they have been facilitated to engage in human interactions (M).
  • CMOC16: As the cultural offer continues to provide a social component (C), older people can increase their social network (O) because they have been facilitated to develop and maintain new relationships (M).
  • CMOC17: When the cultural offer enables older people to experience or learn new things (C), their self-esteem and confidence increase (O) because they are encouraged to try things outside of their comfort zone (M).
  • CMOC18: When older people are given the option to take part in a cultural offer in a way that suits their preferences (C), their self-worth is increased (O) because they feel attended to (M).