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Table 3 Examples of potential rewards and costs for actors as part of a social exchange in relation to tailoring of cultural offers for older people through social prescribing

From: Tailoring cultural offers to meet the needs of older people during uncertain times: a rapid realist review

Actors Rewards Costs
Older person • Being listened to and understood
• Getting clear information about available cultural offers
• Being referred to an appropriate cultural offer
• Making connections with new people
• Trying things that do not improve their situation or that make them feel uncomfortable (e.g. if stigmatising or patronising)
• Encountering difficulties with accessibility when trying a cultural offer
Link worker • Having a wider range of offers to propose to older people
• Feeling able to make a difference to an individual’s situation
• Contributing to shaping a cultural sector offer for older people
• Time to find and learn about local cultural offers
• Having their suggestions for improving a cultural offer ignored
• Finding interactions with cultural sector staff or older people difficult
Cultural sector staff • Being able to reach a wider audience; expanding the range of people using their service
• Seeing the difference that a cultural offer can make to an individual’s life
• Time to develop a cultural offer that is appropriate and accessible
• Time to connect with link workers
• Receiving negative feedback from link workers or older people