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Table 3 Information on the studies and consortia from which genetic association data were obtained

From: Safety of beta-blocker and calcium channel blocker antihypertensive drugs in pregnancy: a Mendelian randomization study

Exposure Phenotype name in study Study Ancestry N cases (/controls) Controls definition/selection criteria Unit PMID/link
Exposure data
Systolic blood pressure Systolic blood pressure Evangelou et al., 2018 European 757,601 - mmHg 30,224,653
Outcome data
Pre-eclampsia or eclampsia Pre-eclampsia or eclampsia FINNGEN DF6 European 4743/136,325 Women without a hypertensive disorder in pregnancy Log(OR) (yes vs no)
Gestational diabetes Diabetes mellitus in pregnancy FINNGEN DF6 European 7676/130,424 Women without any pregnancy-related morbidity Log(OR) (yes vs no)
Birthweight of first child First child birthweight Neale Lab European 155,202 Women who indicated they had given birth to at least one child (based on UKB data-field 2744) Birthweight in pounds, split into three ordered categorical variable bins:
• 0 for < 7 pounds
• 1 for 7 pounds
• 2 for > 7 pounds