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Table 3 Impact effect of the variable synergies in PVBSP forecasting

From: Single nucleotide polymorphism genes and mitochondrial DNA haplogroups as biomarkers for early prediction of knee osteoarthritis structural progressors: use of supervised machine learning classifiers

PVBSP forecasting Variable 1 Variable 2
Highest impact Age BMI, GNL3, MCF2L, FTO
Moderate impact Age mtDNA haplogroup, GDF5, SUPT3H, TGFA, TP63
Lowest impact TGFA mtDNA haplogroup, cluster, FTO, GNL3, SUPT3H, MCF2L
SUPT3H mtDNA haplogroup, cluster, FTO, GNL3
GNL3 mtDNA haplogroup, cluster, FTO
FTO mtDNA haplogroup, cluster
Cluster mtDNA haplogroup
  1. Variable 1 indicates a fixed variable, and variable 2 is a flexible variable that could have an impact along with variable 1
  2. PVBSP Probability values of being structural progressors