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  1. Risk-stratified treatment recommendations facilitate treatment decision-making that balances patient-specific risks and preferences. It is unclear if and how such recommendations are developed in clinical prac...

    Authors: Tsung Yu, Daniela Vollenweider, Ravi Varadhan, Tianjing Li, Cynthia Boyd and Milo A Puhan
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2013 11:7
  2. Since 2009, several studies have identified single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) near the gene encoding for interleukin (IL)-28 (IL28B) that are strongly associated with spontaneous and treatment-induced hepati...

    Authors: María A Jiménez-Sousa, Amanda Fernández-Rodríguez, María Guzmán-Fulgencio, Mónica García-Álvarez and Salvador Resino
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2013 11:6
  3. Early randomized controlled trials (RCTs) demonstrated the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids (n-3), whereas recent RCTs were negative. We now address the issue, focusing on the temporal changes having occ...

    Authors: Michel de Lorgeril, Patricia Salen, Pascal Defaye and Mikael Rabaeus
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2013 11:5
  4. Research on the role of diet in the prevention of depression is scarce. Some evidence suggests that depression shares common mechanisms with cardiovascular disease.

    Authors: Almudena Sanchez-Villegas and Miguel A Martínez-González
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2013 11:3
  5. Mounting evidence has suggested that plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) is a candidate for increased risk of diabetic retinopathy. Studies have reported that insertion/deletion polymorphism in the PAI-1 ge...

    Authors: Tengyue Zhang, Chong Pang, Ningdong Li, Elaine Zhou and Kanxing Zhao
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2013 11:1
  6. Despite considerable progress in the development of anticancer therapies, there is still a high mortality rate caused by cancer relapse and metastasis. Dormant or slow-cycling residual tumor cells are thought ...

    Authors: Qing Sun, Yong Zhong, Fan Wu, Chunxia Zhou, Dongmei Wang, Wenbo Ma, Youhui Zhang and Shuren Zhang
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:172
  7. During the extremely challenging 4,487 km ultramarathon TransEurope-FootRace 2009, runners showed considerable reduction of body weight. The effects of this endurance run on brain volume changes but also possi...

    Authors: Wolfgang Freund, Sonja Faust, Frank Birklein, Christian Gaser, Arthur P Wunderlich, Marguerite Müller, Christian Billich, Markus S Juchems, Bernd L Schmitz, Georg Grön and Uwe H Schütz
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:170
  8. Cycling is considered to be a highly beneficial sport for significantly enhancing cardiovascular fitness in individuals, yet studies show little or no corresponding improvements in bone mass.

    Authors: Hugo Olmedillas, Alejandro González-Agüero, Luis A Moreno, José A Casajus and Germán Vicente-Rodríguez
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:168
  9. Musculoskeletal conditions (MSCs) are widely prevalent in present-day society, with resultant high healthcare costs and substantial negative effects on patient health and quality of life. The main aim of this ...

    Authors: Kåre Birger Hagen, Hanne Dagfinrud, Rikke Helene Moe, Nina Østerås, Ingvild Kjeken, Margreth Grotle and Geir Smedslund
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:167
  10. Endurance exercise capacity diminishes under hot environmental conditions. Time to exhaustion can be increased by lowering body temperature prior to exercise (pre-cooling). This systematic literature review sy...

    Authors: Paul R Jones, Christian Barton, Dylan Morrissey, Nicola Maffulli and Stephanie Hemmings
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:166
  11. Mathematical and computational models for infectious diseases are increasingly used to support public-health decisions; however, their reliability is currently under debate. Real-time forecasts of epidemic spr...

    Authors: Michele Tizzoni, Paolo Bajardi, Chiara Poletto, José J Ramasco, Duygu Balcan, Bruno Gonçalves, Nicola Perra, Vittoria Colizza and Alessandro Vespignani
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:165
  12. We developed a Monte Carlo Markov model designed to investigate the effects of modifying cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors on the burden of CVD. Internal, predictive, and external validity of the model...

    Authors: Bob JH van Kempen, Bart S Ferket, Albert Hofman, Ewout W Steyerberg, Ersen B Colkesen, S Matthijs Boekholdt, Nicholas J Wareham, Kay-Tee Khaw and MG Myriam Hunink
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:158
  13. More than a million diagnostic cardiac catheterizations are performed annually in the US for evaluation of coronary artery anatomy and the presence of atherosclerosis. Nearly half of these patients have no sig...

    Authors: William A LaFramboise, Rajiv Dhir, Lori A Kelly, Patricia Petrosko, John M Krill-Burger, Christin M Sciulli, Maureen A Lyons-Weiler, Uma R Chandran, Aleksey Lomakin, Robert V Masterson, Oscar C Marroquin, Suresh R Mulukutla and Dennis M McNamara
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:157
  14. According to current classification systems, patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) may have very different combinations of symptoms. This symptomatic diversity hinders the progress of research into the...

    Authors: Hanna M van Loo, Peter de Jonge, Jan-Willem Romeijn, Ronald C Kessler and Robert A Schoevers
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:156
  15. Cholesterol-lowering medications such as statins have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which may be beneficial for treating depression and improving mood. However, evidence regarding their effects...

    Authors: Adrienne O'Neil, Livia Sanna, Cassie Redlich, Kristy Sanderson, Felice Jacka, Lana J Williams, Julie A Pasco and Michael Berk
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:154
  16. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a heterogeneous endocrine disorder accompanied with an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease; despite being a common condition, th...

    Authors: Yue Zhao, Li Fu, Rong Li, Li-Na Wang, Yan Yang, Na-Na Liu, Chun-Mei Zhang, Ying Wang, Ping Liu, Bin-Bin Tu, Xue Zhang and Jie Qiao
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:153
  17. There is currently a crisis in drug discovery for neuropsychiatric disorders, with a profound, yet unexpected drought in new drug development across the spectrum. In this commentary, the sources of this dilemm...

    Authors: Michael Berk
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:151
  18. To confirm whether type 2 diabetes (T2DM) is an affective disorder (AD) precursor, and to establish possible effects of oral anti-hyperglycemic agents (OAAs).

    Authors: Mark L Wahlqvist, Meei-Shyuan Lee, Shao-Yuan Chuang, Chih-Cheng Hsu, Hsin-Ni Tsai, Shu-Han Yu and Hsing-Yi Chang
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:150
  19. Studies have shown a correlation between bipolar disorder and diabetes mellitus. It is unclear if this correlation is a part of common pathophysiological pathways, or if medication for bipolar disorder has neg...

    Authors: Gjertrud Svendal, Ole Bernt Fasmer, Anders Engeland, Michael Berk and Anders Lund
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:148
  20. Schizophrenia is associated with excess mortality and multimorbidity, which is possibly associated with difficulty in coordinating care for multiple mental and physical comorbidities. We analyzed the receipt b...

    Authors: Jack Y Tsan, Eileen M Stock, Jazmin M Gonzalez, David S Greenawalt, John E Zeber, Emran Rouf and Laurel A Copeland
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:147
  21. A meta-analytic review of the Triple P-Positive Parenting program by Wilson et al., recently published in BMC Medicine, claimed to demonstrate that although Triple P is widely disseminated and adopted, the eviden...

    Authors: Matthew R Sanders, John A Pickering, James N Kirby, Karen MT Turner, Alina Morawska, Trevor Mazzucchelli, Alan Ralph and Kate Sofronoff
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:145
  22. "Evergreening" refers to the numerous strategies whereby owners of pharmaceutical products use patent laws and minor drug modifications to extend their monopoly privileges on the drug. We aimed to evaluate the...

    Authors: Ali A Alkhafaji, Ludovic Trinquart, Gabriel Baron, Moïse Desvarieux and Philippe Ravaud
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:142
  23. Pediatric soft tissue sarcomas are rare tumors of childhood, frequently characterized by specific chromosome translocations. Despite improvements in treatment, their clinical management is often challenging du...

    Authors: Rossella Rota, Roberta Ciarapica, Lucio Miele and Franco Locatelli
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:141
  24. The NPC1 gene encodes a protein involved in intracellular lipid trafficking; its second endosomal loop (loop 2) is a receptor for filoviruses. A polymorphism (His215Arg) in NPC1 was associated with obesity in Eur...

    Authors: Nasser M Al-Daghri, Rachele Cagliani, Diego Forni, Majed S Alokail, Uberto Pozzoli, Khalid M Alkharfy, Shaun Sabico, Mario Clerici and Manuela Sironi
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:140
  25. Cervical cancer is the leading cause of female cancer-related deaths in Tanzania. Vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV) offers a new opportunity to control this disease. This study aimed to estimate t...

    Authors: Wilm Quentin, Fern Terris-Prestholt, John Changalucha, Selephina Soteli, W John Edmunds, Raymond Hutubessy, David A Ross, Saidi Kapiga, Richard Hayes and Deborah Watson-Jones
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:137
  26. The purpose, methods, data sources and assumptions behind the World Health Organization (WHO) Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control Costing (C4P) tool that was developed to assist low- and middle-income count...

    Authors: Raymond Hutubessy, Ann Levin, Susan Wang, Winthrop Morgan, Mariam Ally, Theopista John and Nathalie Broutet
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:136
  27. Bevacizumab (BEV) plus triplet chemotherapy can increase efficacy of first-line treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer (MCRC), particularly integrated with secondary liver surgery in liver-limited (L-L) pat...

    Authors: Gemma Bruera, Katia Cannita, Daniela Di Giacomo, Aude Lamy, Giancarlo Troncone, Antonella Dal Mas, Gino Coletti, Thierry Frébourg, Jean Christophe Sabourin, Mario Tosi, Corrado Ficorella and Enrico Ricevuto
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:135
  28. Lethal and edema toxins secreted by Bacillus anthracis during anthrax infection were found to incite serious cardiovascular complications. However, the underlying mechanisms in anthrax lethal toxin-induced cardia...

    Authors: Machender R Kandadi, Xuejun Yu, Arthur E Frankel and Jun Ren
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:134
  29. Stem cell (SC) therapies hold remarkable promise for many diseases, but there is a significant gulf between public expectations and the reality of progress toward clinical application. Public expectations are ...

    Authors: Tania Bubela, Matthew D Li, Mohamed Hafez, Mark Bieber and Harold Atkins
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:133
  30. Neurocognitive impairment is being increasingly recognized as an important issue in patients with cancer who develop cognitive difficulties either as part of direct or indirect involvement of the nervous syste...

    Authors: Mustafa Khasraw, David Ashley, Greg Wheeler and Michael Berk
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:131