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Figure 3

From: A tool to facilitate clinical biomarker studies - a tissue dictionary based on the Human Protein Atlas

Figure 3

Examples of images demonstrating different organelles in cells. The upper panel shows IF (left and middle) and IHC (right) images representing the nucleoli, visualized by antibodies targeting proteins expressed in the nucleoli. The nucleoli are shown as a green color in the IF example and brown color in the IHC example. The lower panel shows images representing mitochondria, visualized by antibodies expressed in mitochondrion. IF: green - antibody (HPA026512, HPA027999); blue - nucleus (DAPI), red - microtubule. IHC: brown - antibody (HPA005768, HPA004016). Scalebar 10 μm. IF, immunofluorescence; IHC, immunohistochemistry. All figures are original and available at the Human Protein Atlas web portal ( Published with permission from the Human Protein Atlas.

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