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Table 3 Significant canonical pathways (P <0

From: Obesity and prostate cancer: gene expression signature of human periprostatic adipose tissue

Pathway - log10 (P)
All (OB/OW versus lean)  
Glycerolipid metabolism 2.20
Lysine degradation 2.08
Leptin signaling in obesity 1.78
BPH (OB/OW versus lean)  
ERK5 signaling 2.31
β-alanine metabolism 1.83
AMPK signaling 1.81
Parkinson's signaling 1.77
C21-steroid hormone metabolism 1.77
EPCa (OB/OW versus lean)  
Histidine metabolism 1.91
Eicosanoid signaling 1.77
Linoleic acid metabolism 1.73
All (EPCa versus BPH)  
Antigen presentation pathway 3.11
Aminosugars metabolism 2.09
B cell development 1.81
OX40 signaling pathway 1.77
ERK5 signaling 1.59
p53 signaling 1.55
Lean (EPCa versus BPH)  
T helper cell differentiation 2.24
Galactose metabolism 1.68
Hereditary breast cancer signaling 1.62
Role of osteoblasts, osteoclasts and condrocytes in rheumatoid arthritis 1.51
OB/OW (EPCa versus BPH)  
Synaptic long term depression 2.89
Urea cycle and metabolism of aminogroups 2.10
p53 signaling 2.10
Amyothropic lateral sclerosis signaling 2.02
Aminosugars metabolism 1.89
Extrinsic prothrombin activation pathway 1.73
p70S6K signaling 1.68
Cardiac β-adrenegic signaling 1.51
  1. BPH, benign prostatic hyperplasia; EPCa, extra prostatic cancer; OB/OW, obese/overweight.