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Table 1 Novel clinical trials (CTs) in phase II/III, phase III, phase II/IV or phase IV (n = 71) (note that phase II/IV and phase IV trials all fell in the drug treatments, stents or other categories (n = 17))

From: Is belief larger than fact: expectations, optimism and reality for translational stem cell research

Clinical trial subject No. of CTs Country
Bone conditions 3 Iran, USA
Cardiovascular disease 29 Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, UK, USA
Cartilage damage 2 Egypt, South Korea
Crohn's Disease 4 UK, USA
Diabetes 2 India, China
Multiple sclerosis 1 USA
Ocular surface disease 2 Malaysia, Thailand
Scleroderma 3 USA
Spinal cord injury 1 India
Drug treatments for stem cell mobilization 11 China, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Turkey, USA
Stents for capturing endothelial progenitor cells 3 China, The Netherlands, Poland
Other (mainly graft-versus-host disease) 3 India, Germany, UK