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Table 1 Definitions

From: A public health approach to understanding and preventing violent radicalization

Term Definition
Radicalization The social and psychological process of increasing commitment to extremist political or religious ideology [1]
Violent radicalization The social and psychological process of increased and focused radicalization through involvement with a violent non-state movement. Phases are (a) becoming involved with a terrorism group and (b) remaining involved in or engaged with in terrorist activity [1]
Terrorism Participation in politically motivated violence or threat of violence, especially against civilians, with the intent to instill widespread fear [2]
Disengagement The process whereby an individual has a change in role or function associated with reduction of violent participation, either enforced (for example, imprisonment) or due to psychological factors (for example, disillusionment) [1]
Deradicalization The social and psychological process, or intervention, by which commitment to, and involvement in, violent radicalization is reduced to the extent that the individual is no longer at risk of involvement in politically motivated violent activity [1]
Counter-radicalization Interventions to prevent social or political radicalization, to prevent violent radicalization, or to disrupt involvement in terrorism of those already radicalized [1]