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Table 7 Summary of clinical studies with bioabsorbable membranes for reconstruction of long bone defects

From: The role of barrier membranes for guided bone regeneration and restoration of large bone defects: current experimental and clinical evidence

Author/Year [ref] Study design No of patients Site Size of defect Etiology Type of membrane Graft Type of fixation Evaluation Outcome
Meining 2010 [13] case series Six Tibia (five)
Femur (one)
≥ CSD Trauma poly(L/DL-lactide)
80/20% membranes with 50 to 70
μm pore size
RIA, ICBG IMN, plating X-rays Healing
one case: re-grafting after 15 months
2004 [134]
case series Ten Not reported ≤ 6 cm Benign tumor, Osteomyelitis and trauma   polymeric scaffolds (sponges, 450 to 700 μm pore size) impregnated with bone marrow Not reported X-rays Presence of bone regeneration and satisfactory function
  1. CSD, critical size defect; ICBG, iliac crest bone graft; IMN, intermedullary nailing; RIA, Reamer/Irrigator/Aspirator.