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Figure 7

From: A systematic review and analysis of long-term outcomes in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: effects of treatment and non-treatment

Figure 7

Treatment results by region for a subgroup of outcomes. Outcomes exhibiting benefit versus no benefit with treatment are shown for Northern America (yellow bars) versus the rest of the world (green bars). Note that Northern America includes Canada and the USA, and Rest of World, in this case, consists of countries in Europe. The response to treatment for four outcome groups was included: drug use/addictive behavior, antisocial behavior, services use, and occupation outcomes. The percentage of studies reporting benefit with treatment for these outcomes is greater for the rest of the world compared with Northern America. As in Figure 5, the sum of the numbers of studies shown under each bar does not equal the total number of studies of this type, because a single study reported an outcome that exhibited benefit from treatment and one that did not, and so this study is represented in both types of outcome.

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