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Table 3 Severe reactions (Hartwig scale ≥4) by reaction type and medication implicated

From: Incidence, characteristics and risk factors of adverse drug reactions in hospitalized children – a prospective observational cohort study of 6,601 admissions

Severity level ADR type (count) Medication implicated (count) Admission to PICU/ HDU (if > once)
4 Cardiac failure (1) Bisoprolol (1), Carvedilol (1)a HDU
Sedation withdrawal (1)b Fentanyl (1), Midazolam (1), Promethazine (1) , Chloral hydrate (1) PICU
Raised INR and hemorrhage (1) Warfarin (1) HDU
Pulmonary edema (1) Diazoxide (1) HDU
Respiratory depression (5) Fentanyl (4), Ketamine (2), Midazolam (1), PICU (3)c HDU (2)
Respiratory arrest (2) Fentanyl (2), Sevoflurane (1), Isoflurane (1), Ketamine (1) PICU, HDU
5 Peripheral neuropathy (1) Vincristine (1) N/A
  1. aBoth drugs caused significant fluid retention in this patient; bthis patient had been on sedating drugs for 10 days by the time withdrawal became clinically significant; cADR was not the only factor leading to PICU admission; other clinical factors may also have contributed. ADR adverse drug reaction, HDU high dependency unit, INR international normalized ratio, PICU pediatric ICU.