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Figure 3

From: The UKCAT-12 study: educational attainment, aptitude test performance, demographic and socio-economic contextual factors as predictors of first year outcome in a cross-sectional collaborative study of 12 UK medical schools

Figure 3

a) Performance at medical school in relation to DfES average point score for secondary school attended. Performance of medical school entrants (vertical) is expressed as a standardised (z) score. DfES measure of average point score per examination entry (horizontal) is for the (English) secondary school which the entrant attended. Sections b) and c) show the distribution of average point scores for entrants from non-selective secondary schools (, in gray) and selective secondary schools (c, in blue). The gray and blue lines in a) show the fitted regression lines for non-selective secondary schools (gray) and selective secondary schools (blue), for candidates with AAA at A-level (top, thickest line), down through AAB and ABB to BBB (lowest, thinnest line). Average point scores are grouped into four groups, indicated by vertical dashed lines, and mean entry scores, with 95% CI, are shown for entrants from non-selective secondary schools (black squares) and selective secondary schools (blue circles), the largest squares/circles for AAA, the medium squares/circles for AAB, and the smallest squares/circles for ABB. Groups with small N and, hence, large CIs are omitted.

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