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Table 3 Examples of definitions of genetic discrimination.

From: Genetic discrimination and life insurance: a systematic review of the evidence

Authors Reference Definition of genetic discrimination
Lapham et al. 1996 [18] Prejudicial action as perceived by the respondents that resulted from insurers' or employers' knowledge of an individual's genetic condition, carrier status, or presumed carrier status, based on observation, family history, genetic testing, or other means of gathering genetic information.
Apse et al. 2004 [17] When people or organizations make unfair decisions about someone who is currently healthy based on genetic information (results of genetic testing or family history information).
Taylor et al., 2007 [34] Differential treatment of a person who has no manifest symptoms of a condition or disorder and which has occurred allegedly on the basis of their genetic characteristics or makeup, either real or assumed.
Bombard et al. 2009 [37] Being unfairly prevented from doing something or being treated unfairly (because of family history or genetic test results).
Erwin et al. 2010 [41] The denial of rights, privileges, or opportunities or other adverse treatment based solely on genetic information, including family history or genetic test results.