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Table 1 Estimates of LE reported in the cART era

From: Do people with HIV infection have a normal life expectancy in the era of combination antiretroviral therapy?

Reference Cohort/study name Country of study LE in HIV-positive population LE in general population
Nakagawa et al. [8] Computer simulation (HIV Synthesis) UK LE at birth: 75.0 years if diagnosed with HIV with high CD4 count; 71.5 years if diagnosed with HIV with low CD4 count LE at birth: estimated from model to be 82.0 years if not infected with HIV
The Antiretroviral Therapy Cohort Collaboration [9] ART-CC Multi-country study (Europe and North America) LE at age 20: 43.1 years. LE at age 35: 31.7 years Not stated
Johnson et al. [10] IeDEA-SA South Africa LE at age 20: 27.6 years in men; 36.8 years in women. LE at age 60: 10.1 years in men; 14.4 years in women Not stated
Mills et al. [11] The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) cohort Uganda LE at age 20: 26.7 years. LE at age 35 years: 27.9 years LE at age 20: 41 years
Losina et al.[12] Computer simulation (CEPAC) USA LE at age 33: 22.66 years if optimally diagnosed and treated; 19.36 years if treated with cART and adherence follows normal patterns LE at age 33: 42.91 years for general population; 34.58 years if risk profile similar to those with HIV
Bor et al. [17]   KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa No specific estimates LE at birth: 52.3 years in 2000; 49.2 years in 2003; 60.5 years in 2011
Lohse et al. [21] Danish HIV Cohort Study Denmark LE at age 25: 8 years in 1995 to 1996; 23 years in 1997 to 1999; 33 years in 2000 to 2005 LE at age 25: 51 years
May et al. [23] UK Collaborative HIV Cohort Study UK LE at age 20: 39.5 years in men; 50.2 years in women. LE at age 35: 30.1 years in men; 37.7 years in women LE at age 20: 57.8 years in men; 61.6 years in women. LE at age 35: 43.5 years in men; 46.9 years in women
van Sighem et al. [41] ATHENA Cohort The Netherlands LE at age 25: 52.7 years in men; 57.8 years in women LE at age 25: 53.1 years in men; 58.1 years in women
  1. Abbreviations: cART, combination antiretroviral therapy; LE, life expectancy.