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Archived Comments for: Hippocampal volume in early onset depression

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  1. this could be due to low DHEA

    James Howard, independent biologist

    29 January 2004

    In 1985, I suggested that low DHEA may result in depression. This was based on my hypothesis that DHEA is necessary for all tissues, especially the nervous system. Low DHEA connected with depression appeared many years later. Also, in the same work in 1985 I also suggested the "fight or flight" mechanism is dependent upon the cortisol to DHEA ratio. It was my idea that cortisol evolved to counteract the positive effects of DHEA. The cortisol to DHEA ratio is prominent in the literature concerning depression.

    Now, it is known that DHEA produces positive effects on the hippocampus and that cortisol exerts negative effects. I suggest the findings of MacMaster and Kusumakar represent low DHEA or a high cortisol to DHEA ratio in your subjects.

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  2. Figure legends reversed

    Robin Cassady-Cain PhD, BioMed Central

    14 October 2009

    The description for figure 1 should go with figure 2, and vice versa.

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