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Table 5 Costs and use of healthcare services among patients with PFPS in the arthroscopy and control groups during the intervention and follow-up period

From: Knee arthroscopy and exercise versus exercise only for chronic patellofemoral pain syndrome: a randomized controlled trial

   Number of visits, mean per patient Direct healthcare costs (€), mean per patient
Type of utilization Cost/visit (€) Arthroscopy group Control group Arthroscopy group Control group
Medical specialist care 174.50 1.18 1.29 205.90 225.10
Knee arthroscopy 1039.00 1.00 0.11 1039.00 114.30
Physiotherapy (session of 30 minutes maximum) 33.50 2.11 2.25 70.70 75.40
Total direct healthcare costs (€), mean per patient     1315.60 414.80
  1. The number of visits includes baseline visit by the orthopedic surgeon and number of visits for the allocated intervention (arthroscopy and physiotherapy).