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Table 1 Estimated parameter values of statistical models

From: Development of the probability of return of spontaneous circulation in intervals without chest compressions during out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: an observational study

Chosen linear mixed-effects model
Parameter Estimate 95% confidence interval
β 0 -5.224 [-5.263–5.184]
β 1 -0.00601 [-0.00712–0.00490]
Standard deviation (U 0) 0.594 [0.564 0.6324]
Standard deviation (U 1) 0.00708 [0.00564 0.00889]
Correlation (U 0, U 1) -0.201 [-0.366–0.0416]
Range 3.11 [1.64 5.88]
Nugget 0.520 [0.401 0.629]
Power -0.598 [-0.805–0.391]
Logistic regression model
Parameter Estimate Standard deviation
α 0 9.28 1.51
α 1 2.26 0.315
  1. Estimated model parameters of the chosen linear mixed-effects model and the marginal logistic regression model for the logslope to probability of return of spontaneous circulation (P ROSC) mapping. β 0 and β 1 are the fixed-effects parameters. Standard deviation (U 0), standard deviation (U 1) and correlation (U 0, U 0) give the properties of the zero-mean bivariate Gaussian distribution of the random-effects terms. Range and nugget are parameters in the model for correlation between residuals. Power is the parameter in the variance function. α 0 is the intercept in the logistic regression models linear function, and α 1 represents the change in log-odds ratio (ROSC versus no-ROSC) with a unit change in the covariate (logslope).