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Table 1 Description of clinical details associated with the temporal cortex tissue used in the methylation and expression analyses

From: Genomic and epigenetic evidence for oxytocin receptor deficiency in autism

Case no. Sex Age (years) PMI (h) Diagnosis Cause of death
UMB-1185* M 4 17 Control Drowning
UMB-1860* M 8 5 Control Cardiac arrhythmia
B-3829* M 22 24 Control Central hepatic laceration
UMB-1706* F 8 20 Control Rejection of heart transplant
UMB-1377 F 5 20 Control Drowning
B-6207 M 16 26 Control Ischemic heart attack
B-6221 M 22 24 Control Unknown
B-5873 M 28 23 Control Unknown
B-4211 M 30 23 Control Cardiac arrhythmia
B-5569* M 5 25.5 PDD-NOS Drowning
UMB-4721* M 8 16 Autism Drowning
B-5144* M 20 23.7 Autism Traffic accident
UMB-4671* F 4 13 Autism Accident
UMB-1174 F 7 14 Autism Sudden death, seizure
B-6294 M 16 Unknown Autism Unknown
B-6337 M 22 25 Autism Choking
B-5000 M 27 8.3 Autism Drowning
B-5173 M 30 20 Autism Gastrointestinal hemorrhage
  1. Paired samples for expression analysis are denoted by an asterisk. Italicized samples were excluded from the methylation analysis to maintain phenotypic homogeneity.
  2. PMI = postmortem interval; PDD-NOS = Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.