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Table 1 Strategies

From: Transforming medical professionalism to fit changing health needs

Strategy Description
Defining medical professionalism Promoting a population health orientation as one of the core values of medical professionalism.
Create supportive professional bodies Easing the requirements that emerging specialties need to satisfy in order to become a fully approved medical specialty board.
Targeted research funding Establishing an enhanced portfolio of medical research that provides the credentials for more generalist medical specialty boards.
Targeted technology development Investing in the development of new technologies that favour generalization rather than (sub) specialization.
Modernization of medical curricula Including expert decision making based on the principles of systems thinking and multi-morbidity in medical education.
Performance management Developing performance based instruments related to the health outcomes of the patient groups that are served rather than for individual diseases.
Supportive payment models Developing pay-for-population-health-performance schemes that reward medical professionals for maximizing population health outcomes.