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Archived Comments for: Recent developments in multiple sclerosis therapeutics

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  1. Clarification regarding teriflunomide effects

    Rebecca Spain, Oregon Health & Science University

    9 June 2010

    Teriflunomide is highly protein-bound, minimally metabolized, and is eliminated in the feces and urine. It is additionally subject to enterohepatic recycling, thus adding to the long half-life (10-12 days). Thus rapid excretion is problematic. As presented recently at the Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (Limsakun T and Menguy-Vacheron F, San Antonio, TX, June 5, 2010), cholestyramine can successfully accelerate elimination of teriflunomide, a property that may prove useful in situations of overdose or toxicity. Cholestyramine and/or activated charcoal are not needed as "pre-treatment" as the article erroneously indicated.

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