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Table 3 Method quality.

From: Does targeting manual therapy and/or exercise improve patient outcomes in nonspecific low back pain? A systematic review

  Method criteria   
  Randomization Concealed allocation Baseline equivalence Patient blinding Clinical blinding Outcome blinding Co-interventions Compliance Dropouts Outcome
to treat
Score High quality*
Brennan 2006[18] X ? X X 7 Yes
Childs 2004[19] X ? 9 Yes
Hancock 2008[26] X 10 Yes
Long 2004[21] X X X ? 7 Yes
  1. *Quality of trials: high quality defined as a trial that obtains, at a minimum, a 'yes' score for randomization, concealed allocation, blinded outcome assessment and a yes' score for any three of the other method quality criteria.