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Table 6 Genes that were significantly regulated in the kiwifruit group when compared to controls.

From: Blood cell gene expression associated with cellular stress defense is modulated by antioxidant-rich food in a randomised controlled clinical trial of male smokers

Probe ID z-score Gene Symbol Gene Title
204810_s_at -3.3 CKM Creatine kinase muscle
217034_at -4.2 NTN3 Immunoglobulin-κ light chain variable region (IGKV gene), clone 25
221299_at -3.9 GPR173 G protein-coupled receptor 173
1553633_s_at 4.3 NHEDC1 Na+/H+ exchanger domain containing 1
1557944_s_at 3.8 CTNND1 Catenin (cadherin-associated protein)-δ 1
  1. Positive z-score means upregulation in the kiwifruit group whereas negative z-score means downregulation.