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Table 1 Approved anticancer drugs using nanocarriersa

From: Advances in the field of nanooncology

Trade name/compound Manufacturer Nanocarrier
Abraxane/paclitaxel Abraxis Biosciences Albumin-bound paclitaxel
Bexxar/anti-CD20 conjugated to iodine-131 Corixa/GlaxoSmithKline Radioimmunoconjugate
DaunoXome/daunorubicin Diatos (available in France) Liposome
Doxil/Caelyx/doxorubicin Ortho Biotech Liposome
Myoset/doxorubicin Cephalon (available in Europe) Nonpegylated liposome
Oncaspar/PEG-L-asparaginase Enzon Polymer-protein conjugate
Ontak/IL-2 fused to diphtheria toxin Eisai Inc Immunotoxic fusion protein
SMANCS/zinostatin Yamanouchi Pharma Polymer-protein conjugate
Zevalin/anti-CD20 conjugated to yttrium-90 Cell Therapeutics Inc. Radioimmunoconjugate
Zoladex/goserelin acetate AstraZeneca Polymer rods
  1. aPEG, polyethylene glycol; IL-2, interleukin-2; SMANCS, styrene maleic anhydride neocarzinostatin. Reproduced by permission © Jain PharmaBiotech.